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Corvinus to Have Its Own Scholarship Program

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.10.30.

Lívia Pavlik, ministerial commissioner and chancellor of Corvinus University, confirmed that scholarships will no longer be funded by the state, but by the university itself.

“The goal is to ensure that the brightest of Hungarian students continue to be offered free tuition, while the university seeks to increase the number of foreign students,” Pavlik said.

The changes will be introduced in 2020 and students will be eligible to apply for self-financed places without state support. The Commissioner highlighted that the University will still offer the same number of full tuition scholarships, meaning that the same number of students will be attending the courses without tuition fees. The management of the university plans to finance the highest achieving students’ educations by pulling from the financial fund paid for by the rest of the undergraduates.

The management wants to see Corvinus listed among the best Universities in Europe and the institutional changes aim to keep Hungarian students in the country. Márton Barta, the Strategic Director of the University, emphasized that they will increase the number of courses offered in English from 15 to 45 percent, making the institution more attractive internationally. Therefore, Corvinus could provide students with a good background for continuing education abroad.

They won’t be increasing the number of foreign students, but instead will work to further integrate them into student life in hopes of encouraging them not to “study in a bubble.” The management ultimately plans to make the university bilingual. Not only will the classes be in Hungarian and English, but the administration will be in both languages as well. Pavlik also revealed that the university does not plan to raise tuition fees.

Via: Index.hu

Image: PestiSrácok.hu