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Corvin Supermarket – The Very First Mall In Hungary Opened 90 Years Ago


The first Hungarian (metropolitan) Mall opened in 1926, and became a metropolitan symbol of Budapest. That times, the Pesti Hírlap newspaper wrote about the Corvin Nagyáruház (Corvin Supermarket) the next lines; “As much as Paris makes the fashion to Europe, the fashion of the capital made by the Corvin, with a good sense of taste”.

The Corvin was more than a market, or a supermarket. In Hungarian the ancestor of the modern supermarket shoppers could find restaurants, ticket offices, photographer’s studios, and other services. In the halls of the mall, they organized fashion presentations and exhibitions. On top of everything, the first moving staircase of Hungary debuted here in the service of the visitors.


After the opening, the traffic increased so much, they had to set up a traffic light in the way to the mall on the 23th of December 1926. This light at the crossing of the Rákóczi út and the Nagykörút (Rákóczi Avenue and the Grand-boulevard) was Hungary’s first traffic signal.

Let’s start your time traveler shopping by this collection of vintage pictures about the first mall of Hungary:


 The greatest and the most beautiful supermarket of Hungary is the Corvin-Áruház


The division of silk goods


Genteel clothing hall of the mall


Lady’s hat salon


The restaurant of the Crovin

Although the Corvin Supermarket still exists and runs today, but it has lost its shiny character and central function of the Budapest.



photos:;; Collection of the Szabó Ervin Library of Budapest