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Three lawmakers of the opposition Jobbik party on Wednesday demanded that the government should pay wage support to those that lost their income as a result of the coronavirus epidemic or alternatively start partially reopening the country in a controlled manner.

Dániel Z Kárpát called the Orbán government “the most tight-fisted and cruel … with a tendency to forget about or neglect entire sections of society”.

He reiterated an earlier Jobbik proposal that a government fund should be used to pay four-fifth of wages lost as a result of the epidemic. He also urged the reopening of leisure centres in order to give back opportunities to Hungarian athletes.

Socialist Party Calls for Review Of Hungary's Lockdown Measures
Socialist Party Calls for Review Of Hungary's Lockdown Measures

Following Far-right party Mi Hazánk, the Socialists have also started criticizing the Orbán government for the lockdown measures in effect. The party’s MEP called for the review of the current restrictions. István Ujhelyi believes that during the epidemic “the government has exploited” and shown no solidarity towards the service sector which has reached its limit, […]Continue reading

Zoltán Magyar said most restaurant owners do not have sufficient reserves to reopen their establishments and they would need wage support or a regulated relaunch of their businesses.

Tibor Nunkovics said it was “social injustice that an increasing number of businesses were going bust as a result of the government’s failure to provide support while “the casinos of Fidesz buddies” are allowed to continue generating profits.

In the featured photo: Jobbik MP Dániel Z. Kárpát. Photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI