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Health Authority Researching Effectiveness of Current COVID Vaccines against ‘UK Variant’

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.01.25.

The Hungarian public health authority (NNK) is researching a fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus, first detected in the United Kingdom late last year, to determine whether currently available vaccines would be effective against it.

Virologist Zoltán Kiss told state news channel M1 on Monday that the team is currently propagating the virus variant to see whether the blood serum of patients recovered from the “original” variant can neutralise it. If variant N501Y turns out to be impervious to serum immune to the previous variant, the vaccine under development will have to be altered accordingly, Kiss said.

Everything You Need to Know About the UK Coronavirus Variant
Everything You Need to Know About the UK Coronavirus Variant

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New variants of the coronavirus have been spreading rapidly in the UK, Brazil and South Africa, and have been detected in several European countries, including Hungary, Kiss said.

Featured photo illustration by MTI/NNK