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Almost Half of Hungarians Would Reject a Coronavirus Vaccine

Balázs Frei 2020.11.19.

Almost half of all Hungarians would definitely not inject themselves with a coronavirus vaccine if one became available, an Opinio survey revealed. This appears rather problematic for the country’s ability to overcome the pandemic.

47% of the representative sample of 1231 people said they would definitely not vaccinate themselves. Another 36% are undecided, while 17% would take a potential vaccine. Hungarians between the ages of 40 and 55 are the most willing to vaccinate; 20% said they would do so.

Such mistrust in a vaccine is internationally exceptional. Based on a survey published in Nature Magazine a few weeks ago, around the world 60% of people would vaccinate themselves against coronavirus if they could. 14% are unsure, and only 15% would refuse to inject themselves.

The Opinio survey also revealed that Hungarians are most likely to trust a vaccine made in Hungary or the U.S. Barely anyone would take a Chinese vaccine.

A Hungarian survey conducted more than a month earlier showed similar, but less alarming results as the one from Opinio. 37% of respondents said they would not take a potential vaccine, while altogether 43% would. More than half of these would do so immediately, but the rest would wait a bit after it came out.

People living in the capital, those with university degrees, and men were significantly more likely to want to vaccinate than other groups.

These results are especially alarming since Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government maintain that the coronavirus crisis will only be abated once a vaccine becomes available and people take it. Meanwhile, the government emphasizes that vaccination will be done on a  voluntary basis.

Featured photo illustration from pixabay