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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is drafting a bill to ensure that Hungarian citizens will be able to choose between coronavirus vaccines.

Party board member Gergely Arató told an online press conference that DK wanted as many people as possible to get vaccinated. However, insecurity on which vaccine they are to receive does not help, he said.

Coronavirus: Opposition Urges Parl't Probe into Gov't Measures
Coronavirus: Opposition Urges Parl't Probe into Gov't Measures

Parties of the parliamentary opposition have urged that ad-hoc committees should be set up to investigate the government’s coronavirus-related measures. The proposed three committees should look into government decisions concerning the government’s response to the economic crisis, efforts against the pandemic and coronavirus vaccine purchases, the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, MSZP (Socialist Party), and […]Continue reading

No one should be forced to accept certain vaccines, for example those not accredited by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Arató said. The party’s proposal is expected to boost people’s readiness to get inoculated, he said.

Featured photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI