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Coronavirus Operative Board: Vaccination Platform Suffers Cyberattack

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.27.

A coordinated cyberattack has been carried out against the recently launched platform where residents can check the status of their registration for vaccination, an official of the central coronavirus board told a press conference on Friday.

Deputy board chief Róbert Kiss said that the new site had suffered over 600,000 individual attacks since its launch on Thursday, adding that the attacks caused disruptions in accessing the site.

Investigation Into Company Selling Vaccine Reservations
Investigation Into Company Selling Vaccine Reservations

The Consumer Protection Department of the Budapest Government Office has initiated proceedings against a private company called International Vaccination Center, where you can register for a Covid-19 vaccination for five thousand forints. The government agency is investigating whether the company is engaging in unlawful commercial practices.  The price does not include the cost of the […]Continue reading

The national health insurance fund, the owner of the site, has filed a criminal complaint concerning the attacks.

Featured photo illustration by Gergely Botár/MTI/kormany.hu