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Coronavirus: Ukraine Reclassifies Hungary into Red Category

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.08.03.

Ukraine has updated the categorization of countries based on the level of Covid-19 infection. Surprisingly, Hungary has been listed in the red category.

Ukraine has changed the red and green status of foreign countries in line with the European practice, re-labeling Hungary from green to red from August 1st.

The green category now includes countries where in the last two weeks the increase in the number of patients has not exceeded 30%, or surpassed the number of patients per 100,000 per capita in Ukraine. The government will review the related data weekly.

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Red, Yellow, Green: Who Can Enter Hungary Now and Under What Conditions?

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From now on those returning from a red country, similarly to Hungary, must be quarantined or tested for infection.

Countries classified red include China, Georgia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, France, and Russia. Meanwhile, Switzerland, Portugal, Croatia, Belarus, Great Britain, Turkey, Slovenia, Egypt, and Italy have received a green rating.

As news portal reports, the decision seems rather surprising considering that only a total of 21 new infections were registered in Hungary on Saturday while the number of cases on the same day reached 1,172 in Ukraine. As of Monday, there are 572 active cases registered in Hungary, while in Ukraine this number is 31,544.

Featured photo by Attila Balázs/MTI