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Coronavirus – Two Patients Die, 4,014 Registered Infections in Hungary

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.08.

Two elderly patients have died in the past 24 hours, with an underlying illness, bringing the total number of Covid-19 fatalities to 548, while registered novel coronavirus infections in Hungary have increased by 6 to 4,014, said on Monday morning.

Fully 2,284 hospitalised patients have made a recovery. The number of active infections stands at 1,182. 41% of the active cases, 60% of the fatalities and 48% of full recoveries are in Budapest, the site said.

Fully 385 Covid-19 patients are undergoing treatment in hospital, 21 of whom are on ventilators.

Altogether 9,665 are in official home quarantine. The number of tests carried out stands at 210,749.

The government says the aim is to steadily resume normal life based on a strict schedule, and it calls on citizens to follow general precautions.

Budapest (1,906 people) has the highest number of infections, followed by Pest County (584), Fejér County (374) and Komárom-Esztergom (283). Békés County (11) has the lowest number.

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Detailed data on the almost 7 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 400,000 deaths can be found here and here by country.

featured image via Károly Árvai /MTI/