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Coronavirus: Total of 576 Healthcare Workers Infected, Comprise 15% of All Infections

Fanni Kaszás 2020.06.02.

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary, a total of 576 healthcare workers have contracted the disease, representing 14.8% of all confirmed infections, according to the website of Hungarian commercial television channel, RTL Klub.

In the last two months, many reports have emerged of healthcare workers who have tested positive for coronavirus, including hospital staff, GPs, and pharmacists. At the Tatabánya Hospital, for example, 21 employees had become infected, and one of them also required a ventilator for his treatment, while more than 60 workers were in home quarantine. One of the infected healthcare workers even died.

Coronavirus: More and More Healthcare Workers Test Positive, but Percentage Rate EU Average, says Chief Medical Officer

For a long time, the exact numbers were not known, as the operative board has not published any data on the infections among medical staff. However, later on, Cecília Müller said that in Hungary, “the number of infections among the medical staff is similar to the rest of the EU.”

According to information from RTL, to date, a total of 576 healthcare workers have contracted the disease since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. The data was provided by the Coronavirus Press Center in response to a question from the television channel. According to the information, four of the healthcare workers with COVID-19 are currently in need of hospital care, but most of the workers have already recovered.

This number is the 14.8% of all confirmed infections, which is a bit higher than the average percentage in the EU, standing around 12-13%. However, it is also worth noting that in Hungary the epidemic seems to have run a much quieter course than in other countries in Europe.

featured photo: illustration, Károly Árvai/MTI/kormany.hu