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Coronavirus Testing Center to Open at Budapest Airport?

Csenge Schőnviszky 2020.07.30.

From August 1st, everyone will have to take care of their own coronavirus testing, instead of the state, when they return to Hungary from a country marked in red or yellow. However, in Hungary there are only a few places where people can test themselves. That is why the Budapest Airport came up with a helpful solution.

Although there are only a few hospitals throughout the country that have their own laboratory for PCR testing, and private market participants would ask for thousands of forints for just one test, the government announced that as of August 1st, travelers will have to pay for their own testing if they want to be released from home quarantine earlier than the required two weeks.

No More Free Coronavirus Testing for Inbound Travelers as of Saturday
No More Free Coronavirus Testing for Inbound Travelers as of Saturday

The entry restrictions from red and yellow classified countries will slightly change as of Saturday: the costs of coronavirus testing will no longer be paid for by the Hungarian state. In the middle of July, the government changed the entry regulations and quarantine requirements for both Hungarian citizens and foreign nationals entering Hungary. They listed […]Continue reading

However, there seems to be hope for travelers: Budapest Airport plans to introduce a very reasonable and much-overlooked service: a coronavirus testing center to be placed in Budapest Airport,  Commercial Manager Kam Jandu announced.

The idea is that those arriving can take the test directly at the airport. If the system works well, passengers from yellow countries will no longer have to go through the lengthy procedure on their own.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI