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Coronavirus-Skeptic Vlogger Gődény and Followers Protest in Budapest

Hungary Today 2021.03.01.

Hungary’s most notorious coronavirus skeptic, pharmacist turned vlogger György Gődény, organized a demonstration against Covid restrictions at Budapest’s Heroes’ Square on Sunday. Around a thousand people attended the event, most of them without facemasks.

Hundreds of people gathered at Budapest’s Heroes’ Square on Sunday at noon to demonstrate against the government’s measures to counter the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“You don’t want to be vaccinated by coercion or violence? Take a stand! You don’t want to spend your life in unhealthy face masks? Tear it off and come! the organizers wrote in the invitation of the demonstration.

The demonstration was organized by “Vegyük vissza az életünket”(Let’s take our lives back) group closely linked to György Gődény.

Facebook Removes Hungarian Coronavirus Skeptic Pages
Facebook Removes Hungarian Coronavirus Skeptic Pages

Facebook has banned some of Hungary’s most notable virus denier, virus skeptic, and anti-mask groups from its platform. The removal includes pharmacist-influencer Dr. Gődény’s group called ‘Adherents to Normal Life,’ and Scientology-linked physician Gábor Lenkei’s page. György Gődény, who often appears in the media and has become one of the most notable figures among COVID […]Continue reading

The former pharmacist turned bodybuilder, lifestyle consultant, and vlogger Gődény has become one of the most notable figures among COVID skeptics in Hungary. He has been sharing his views about the virus on social media, and his Facebook page was even banned for misinformation he was spreading on the platform.

At the demonstration, Gődény said he will submit a petition to the Prime Minister’s Office in order to lift the restrictions.

According to the police, the demonstration was illegal so they quickly showed up, taking people’s information and performing background checks.

After the demonstration was over, a small group marched to Vajdahunyad Castle.

During the protest, a total of 142 violations were reported and four people were fined on the spot by the police.

Featured photo via Youtube