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Operative Board: Restrictions Lifted for Hungarians Returning from Bulgaria

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.05.30.

The Hungarian government is lifting restrictions on Hungarian citizens returning from Bulgaria, Tibor Lakatos, a member of the operative board told a regular press briefing on Saturday.

Under a government decree coming into effect on Saturday, Hungarians arriving from Bulgaria may enter Hungary without restrictions, even if they arrive via Romania, he said.

Travellers from Romania and Ukraine still have to undergo a 14-day home quarantine, Lakatos said. Easing the restrictions regarding those countries is a subject of careful analysis, he said, adding that Romania and Ukraine “currently show no intentions” to take similar steps.

Lakatos warned that the epidemic was not yet over, and called on Hungarians to continue observing social distancing during vacations and domestic travels.

Hungary, Slovenia Lift Travel Restrictions at Common Border

János Szlávik, the chief infectologist of the South Pest Hospital Centre, told the same online press conference that treatment of Covid-19 patients in Hungary was following the guidelines of the World Health Organisation. He warned that the virus can also spread by objects touched by those infected, and said that regular disinfecting was still necessary.

featured image: illustration (the Hungarian-Slovenian border); via György Varga/MTI