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Official: Registration Needed to Receive Covid Vaccine

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.01.11.

Since the registration period to receive the coronavirus vaccine started in Hungary, we have come across contradictory statements on whether this process is required to be eligible for vaccination. Although previously, government politicians said those who did not register would get further back in the line, according to the deputy chief medical officer of Budapest, those who do not sign up won’t get the Covid vaccine at all.

The registration for the Covid vaccination started last month on the official government website vakcinainfo.gov.hu. Since then, however, several different and sometimes contradictory statements were released by politicians and members of the operative board on what this registration process is and whether or not it is mandatory to become eligible for the coronavirus vaccine.

Last month, Antal Rogán, the prime minister’s cabinet chief, said in an interview that those who didn’t sign up would be placed “further back in the line.”

Coronavirus Vaccine: Registration Needed Otherwise Last on the List?
Coronavirus Vaccine: Registration Needed Otherwise Last on the List?

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His statement was then logically interpreted as meaning that anyone who does not register can receive the vaccine, only later down the line.

A recent letter received by the editorial office of 444.hu, however, seems to indicate otherwise.

One of the news site’s readers who had sent questions related to the registration of the coronavirus to several official bodies received an answer stating that those who do not sign up will not receive the vaccine.

“Anyone who fails to register excludes themselves from the list of those receiving the vaccine, as they do not indicate their vaccination intent, thus public health bodies cannot recognize this need,” wrote Erzsébet Kelemen, deputy chief medical officer of Budapest and Pest county.

Kelemen’s response thus implies that despite the former statements by government politicians, in order to get vaccinated, people have to sign up for it on the official government website, otherwise they won’t receive it.

In the letter, the deputy chief medical officer furthermore stated that using the online and paper-based registration also indicates how many shots of the vaccine should be obtained, as vaccination is voluntary.

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Kelemen also added that an appointment for vaccination could be given only to those who requested it, and emphasized that anyone who wanted to be vaccinated should register.

In response to news portal hvg.hu, the Coronavirus Press Center provided further clarification on the matter.

According to this, since vaccination is voluntary, everyone must indicate their intention to receive it.

This can be done by registering and then being assigned by the authorities for vaccination based on the priority list of the vaccination plan.

They also added that registration remains open throughout the year, but those who sign up later may be placed further back in the line.

According to the most recent official data, more than one million people in Hungary have registered to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which is still far from the 60% vaccination threshold required to reach herd immunity.

Featured photo by György Varga/MTI