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Coronavirus – Police to Monitor Compliance with Home Quarantine Rules

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.12.

Police will monitor residents’ compliance with home quarantine regulations and local mayors will be responsible for services to people in home isolation, the government website koronavirus.gov.hu said on Thursday.

In line with extraordinary government measures introduced to combat the epidemic, authorities will have the right to oblige potentially infected people to stay in home quarantine, the website said.

Hungarian citizens returning from Italy, China, South Korea and Iran must undergo health examination upon entry into Hungary and must stay in home isolation even if they are free of symptoms, it added.

People suspected of being infected with the virus will have to stay in quarantine in hospital but even those who are free of symptoms will have to stay in home isolation for 14 days. The health authority will register such persons and police will make sure that they comply with the home quarantine regulations.

Coronavirus: State of Emergency Ordered by Gov’t

In line with the newly introduced extraordinary government measures, workers in health care, law enforcement, the army and public administration are banned from travelling abroad. Ministry staff need special permission to make official trips issued by the minister or prime minister. The Hungarian army will provide support to the police and disaster management authority in carrying out their tasks, it added.

featured image: check at the Hungarian-Slovenian border; by MTI/György Varga