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Number of Coronavirus Patients on Ventilators Breaks Record High

Hungary Today 2021.03.05.

There are 677 coronavirus-infected patients on ventilators in Hungarian hospitals, according to today’s official data. Never before during the pandemic has this number been at this height.

December 7th held the previous record in this matter with 674 patients on ventilators. Recently, this data has been climbing quickly, after back on January 25th, “only” 247 Covid patients were treated with respiratory systems. 

In parallel, the number of hospitalized patients has also been steeply rising for days now- at the moment there are 6,867 of them.

After the beginning of the outbreak, Hungary purchased more than 16,000 ventilators. Although some have since been donated, most of them are still available for use.

Sadly, however, it has also been shown that the survival rates of those who must receive this treatment are considerably limited, almost half of them eventually die from the virus.

featured image illustration via Márton Mónus/MTI