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Coronavirus: Párbeszéd Calls on Gov’t to Increase Period of Jobseeker Allowance, Impose Solidarity Tax

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.20.

The opposition Párbeszéd has prepared a package of proposals for economic and social measures in connection with the novel coronavirus epidemic for submission to lawmakers, the party’s spokesman Richárd Barabás said on Thursday.

Barabás told an online press conference that measures announced so far by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán went in the right direction, but the government, he insisted, was focusing on the economy rather than people.

People who lose their jobs need social, health and unemployment support, he said, adding that the period during which the jobseekers’ allowance is paid should be increased from three months to nine.

Párbeszéd is calling on the government to impose a solidarity tax on everyone with assets worth more than 500 million forints (EUR 1.4m), he said.

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Barabás also called on the central government to settle hospital debt as a matter of urgency and expand hospital capacity.

People on sick-leave should be paid their full salary in the first six weeks and monthly 100,000 basic income should be paid to everyone in the following few months, he added.

The basic pension should be increased to at least 60,000 forints and all public utility bills should be temporarily suspended, he said, adding that a targeted increase in benefits was needed for single-parent and large families.

He asked the government to stop using corporate tax donations for sports and turn these to health-care developments instead.

Featured photo via Richárd Barabás’ Facebook page