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Fundraising Begins For Little Girl Who Lost Parents to Coronavirus

Márton Jász 2021.02.22.

Last week, a six-year-old girl lost both of her parents due to coronavirus. The girl’s father was 46, and her mother 34 when they passed away. The Hungarian Baptist Aid was approached by family and friends with the request to provide an organizational background to collect donations.

The tragic story was originally published by Szilárd Kovács, the father’s cousin, on social media. According to Kovács, his cousin tested for coronavirus on the 1st of February and turned out to be positive the following day. He was hospitalized with breathing difficulties the subsequent week, and four days later his wife was also hospitalized. Also, before knowing that he was positive for coronavirus, the man visited his parents and as a result his father was also taken to hospital.

A few days later, the little girl’s father and mother passed away in the hospital, both on the same day. Szilárd Kovács mentioned that because of the tragedy, he looked at the government list of those who died from the coronavirus. Underlying diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity were indicated for both the father and the mother.

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The six-year-old girl will remain with her grandparents in the near future, and a fundraising campaign has been announced by the Hungarian Baptist Aid to help her overcome the financial difficulties. Szilárd Kovács thanked everyone for their support on his Facebook page. He also emphasized that mental support is even more important than financial, so if anyone has questions or requests, he is willing to answer them, so the rest of the family can mourn in silence.

Featured image illustration via pixabay.com