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Coronavirus – Orbán: Access to Multiple Vaccines Key

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.13.

It is important for Hungary to have access to multiple types of vaccines against coronavirus, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a videoconference with Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, which was uploaded to the PM’s Facebook page on Thursday.

In the call, Szijjártó is heard telling the prime minister that Hungary’s most advanced talks on acquiring a vaccine are with Russia. The preliminary results show Russia’s vaccine, Sputnik V, is 92 percent effective, the minister added.

Szijjártó also said Hungary will receive a sample of the Russian vaccine within a week and a half, after which it will undergo laboratory testing.

Hungary has also signed a contract with China’s state-owned vaccine developer, one of the three companies working on a Covid-19 vaccine in the country.

Orbán said Hungary “isn’t looking bad” in terms of acquiring vaccines developed in the West, either. “So this isn’t a matter of ‘either-or’ but ‘and’,” the prime minister said. “We’re able to obtain vaccines from everywhere.”

featured image via Orbán- Facebook