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Coronavirus: Orbán Discusses National Vaccination Plan with Medical Research Council

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.05.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday met the leaders of Hungary’s Medical Research council to discuss, among others, the first draft of the country’s vaccination plan.

In a Facebook video message before the meeting, the prime minister said that though the coronavirus situation was deteriorating all across Europe, a vaccine was now within sight.

Orbán said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó was constantly holding talks about Hungary’s options for purchasing a vaccine, adding that this was one of the topics that would be discussed at the meeting.

Another topic, he said, was the first draft of Hungary’s national vaccination plan, which the operative board coordinating the country’s response to the epidemic was also set to discuss.

The Medical Research Council is an advisory body to the minister in charge of health care tasked with giving opinions and recommendations on ethical matters related to medical research and setting ethical guidelines on medical research principles and practices. The council may also initiate legislative proposals on health care.

In the featured photo: PM Orbán with Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler. Photo by Zoltán Fischer/PM’s Press Office