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Coronavirus – LMP: Gov’t Using Petry Case as Distraction

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.04.12.

The government is using the case of Hungarian football coach Zsolt Petry who has been fired by his German team as a result of his comments on same-sex marriage and immigration to distract attention from the “hundreds of thousands of people it has neglected in Hungary”, the co-leader of opposition LMP said on Sunday.

Máté Kanász-Nagy told an online press conference on Facebook that the “unfortunate case” of Petry losing his job abroad was “not an important issue”, yet even Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had commented on it. At the same time, Orbán still refuses to discuss the livelihood of people working in catering, hairdressers, taxi drivers and those working in other services, and the case of teachers who will be forced to return to school before getting full protection from Covid-19, he added.

Foreign Ministry Summons German Diplomat over Hungarian Coach Petry's Dismissal
Foreign Ministry Summons German Diplomat over Hungarian Coach Petry's Dismissal

Hungary’s foreign ministry has summoned the German Embassy’s chargé d’affaires over German football team Hertha BSC firing Hungarian coach Zsolt Petry because of his recent remarks concerning migration and same-sex marriage. On Thursday, Foreign Ministry State Secretary, Levente Magyar, voiced the Hungarian government’s “shock” that anyone could face “existential retaliation in Germany for expressing their […]Continue reading

The government has still not offered expanded wage support and public utilities support, 100 percent sickness benefits and extended jobseekers’ benefits, Kanász-Nagy said.

Featured photo photo via Máté Kanász-Nagy’s Facebook page