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Opposition: Coronavirus Shared Enemy, but No Trust in Orbán Gov’t to Grant Limitless Powers

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.24.

As the opposition does not trust Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, it will not grant it special powers for an indefinite period of time, the opposition parties said on Tuesday.

The opposition on Monday voted against the government’s epidemic response bill because the legislation failed to set a time limit for maintaining the state of emergency.

Bill on Indefinite Extension of Special Decrees Garners Distrust over Rule of Law and Freedom of Media

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the leftist-liberal Democratic Coalition (DK), the Socialists (MSZP), leftist green Párbeszéd, right-wing Jobbik, centrist green LMP, centrist liberal Momentum and the Liberals, along with independent lawmakers Bernadett Szél and Ákos Hadházy, called Orbán’s government “unfit” to handle the crisis. “The government sees Hungarians and their elected representatives as adversaries to overcome rather than partners,” they said.

The opposition, in turn, sees a need for acting, planning and making decisions together. The government, however, denies millions of Hungarians and their representatives to do so, they said.

State of Emergency Extension – Orbán: Gov’t to ‘Handle Crisis’ even if Opposition Votes against Bill

“The epidemic is our shared enemy, but the remains of our oft-ravaged liberty and democracy are our shared treasure. We have to defend what’s left of our country even as we protect our health and lives,” the opposition said.

Featured photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI