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Coronavirus: Nearly One-Fourth of Fatalities Occur in Elderly Homes

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.27.

Since the start of the novel coronavirus epidemic, 142 of the fatalities, nearly 25 percent, occurred in elderly care homes, the koronavirus.gov.hu website said on Thursday.

So far, 38 retirement homes have reported infections, 14 in Budapest and 24 outside the capital, the website said. Altogether 923 residents and 148 employees have been registered as infected. Fully 142 residents have died and 875 recovered so far, the website said.

Coronavirus: Visiting Ban in Pesti Road Care Home
Coronavirus: Visiting Ban in Pesti Road Care Home

The municipal body in charge of coronavirus prevention in Budapest has banned visits to an elderly care home in Pesti Road in the city’s eastern suburbs, where a large number of cases were reported during the first wave of the epidemic. Residents will also be forbidden to leave the facility from Wednesday on, the Mayor’s […]Continue reading

Of the fatalities, 99 occurred in care homes in Budapest and 43 in the countryside.

Most fatalities occurred in a care home on eastern Budapest’s Pesti Road, where 313 residents and 26 employees had contracted the virus. Of that number, 55 have died, all residents, the website said.

The operative body and Hungary’s epidemiological services continue to monitor the situation in elderly care homes carefully, the website said.

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI