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Coronavirus: Favipiravir Arrives from China, Expected from Japan, says Chief Medical Officer

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.10.

Hungary received one million doses of Favipiravir last weekend from China, while the same amount of the Covid-19 drug is expected to arrive from Japan on Saturday, Cecília Müller, the country’s chief medical officer, said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the regular daily press conference of the central coronavirus board, Müller said that flu vaccines were being supplied to general practitioners “continuously”. She said the goal was to slow down the epidemic and to maintain the safe operation of the health system.

Outlining recent figures, Müller said that Nov. 4 had seen the highest number of daily cases so far (5,319), adding that during the past week the average age of new patients was 45 years.

From the 20-29 age group 1,540 are infected with coronavirus per 100.000 residents, 1,331 are from the age group 30-39, 1,632 from the 40-49, 1,473 from the 50-59, 1,589 from the 60-79 age group, and 1,408 from those older than 80, she said.

Müller also said that currently Győr-Moson-Sopron County, in the north-west, had the largest number of patients (1,174) per 100,000 residents so far.

featured image via Gergely Botár/MTI/kormany.hu