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Coronavirus – MSZP’s Korózs Urges Extensions of Med Certificates for Chronically Ill, Disabled

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.29.

The head of parliament’s welfare committee on Sunday asked the government to extend by six months the validity of medical certificates issued to the chronically ill and disabled entitling them to therapy and medical equipment.

Lajos Korózs, of the opposition Socialists (MSZP), told an online press conference that people suffering from permanent health conditions, the unemployed and the chronically ill are in a vulnerable position. As a result, he said their medical certificates should be extended and they should be entitled to get enough medicine to last three months. This would also reduce the number of visits to pharmacies and the number of patient-doctor encounters. However, Korózs noted that this group should still have the opportunity to see specialists earlier in case of a rapid deterioration of their condition.

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He called on the government to provide sufficient protective gear for people working in health care, in pharmacies and the social sector, and he said more novel coronavirus tests were needed.