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Coronavirus: Socialists Call for Measures Helping Employees, SMEs, Families

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.17.

The Socialist party (MSZP) on Monday called for measures helping employees, SMEs, pensioners and families in the face of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Reacting to the latest press conference of the operative board coordinating the response to the outbreak, deputy group leader Tamás Harangozó said the government should allow employees and companies to suspend paying health care and social contributions.

To offset the economic impact of the epidemic, the government should set up a wage guarantee fund, impose a firing stop on multinational companies and raise the duration of unemployment benefits from three to nine months, Harangozó said.

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The government should also raise the minimum pension and family allowances, he said.

The Socialists support the government’s decision to increase testing and welcome measures curbing social contacts, he said.

Featured photo by Attila Kovács/MTI