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Coronavirus: MSZP Calls on Gov’t to Focus on People’s Health instead of ‘Political Games’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.26.

The opposition MSZP (Socialists) on Wednesday called on ruling Fidesz and the government to focus on protecting people’s health and stop “playing political games”.

Referring to Monday’s vote in parliament where the opposition refused to debate extending special measures in an extraordinary session, MP Ágnes Kunhalmi said the Socialists rejected the bill on granting special powers to the government because it failed to contain a time limit.

Opposition: Coronavirus Shared Enemy, but No Trust in Orbán Gov’t to Grant Limitless Powers

She said that carrying out screenings, buying protective gear and protecting employees and businesses did not require regulations that need two-thirds majority support in parliament.

The government decrees issued during the state of emergency could be approved by parliament with a simple majority but Fidesz still asks for powers that are not needed for handling the epidemic, Kunhalmi said in a video posted on Facebook.

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The opposition would have supported the government bill on protective measures against the coronavirus if it had included a time limit and allowed holding parliament sessions in electronic form, she said.

The opposition’s distrust in the government results from its policies over the past ten years, including the repeated extension of a state of crisis caused by mass migration even in the absence of the conditions warranting such a move, Kunhalmi said.

State of Emergency Extension – Orbán: Gov’t to ‘Handle Crisis’ even if Opposition Votes against Bill

The opposition fears that Prime Minister Viktor Orban will maintain the state of emergency for years on the grounds that the epidemic’s economic consequences need to be tackled, she added.

In the featured photo: Ágnes Kunhalmi and MSZP leader Bertalan Tóth. Photo by Attila Kovács/MTI