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Effective Coronavirus Medication Will be Available in Hungary Soon, says Infectologist

Fanni Kaszás 2020.04.22.

An effective coronavirus medication may soon be available in Hungary, said János Szlávik, chief infectologist of the South Pest Central Hospital, to RTL Híradó. The drug is Remdesivir, originally developed against Ebola, and its testing is progressing well and is currently being tested on more and more patients around the world. According to the chief physician, this is the only medicine so far that has been shown to be effective against the coronavirus as well.

Szlávik said that one of the new types of anti-coronavirus medicines that have already been shown to have an effect against the disease is Remdesivir. This medication will soon be available in Hungary for patients who are in a serious or potentially life-threatening condition. The infectologist said the drug is effective even in the middle stages of the infection.

Szlávik also stressed that it takes a week or two for an epidemic to be declared ‘silent,’ with significantly decreased numbers and in countries where the curve of the spread of the disease has been flattened, it is difficult to predict the further progress. Therefore, it is not possible to predict the exact peak of the epidemic in Hungary.

On Monday, Szlávik told state television that the expected peak of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary for early May may be prolonged, with “very many patients” next month. He added, however, that he hoped the epidemic will “run down” in June.

Coronavirus: Infectologist Expects ‘Many Patients’ for May

However, the infectologist called it a tricky question, to what extent the infection would return in the fall. He added that he hopes to have an effective vaccination against the infection by autumn-winter, or spring at the latest.

The physician also told RTL that at the South Pest Central Hospital they “have been trying to treat coronavirus patients with products that have some effectiveness based on the experience of previous epidemics, since the beginning of March. Drugs against AIDS, malaria, and hepatitis can be combined. Based on the current results, it seems that we are doing this effectively. And we would like to pass on this positive experience to other centers” treating coronavirus patients.

featured photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI