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Opposition LMP has urged people to observe pandemic-related rules and minimise social contact, cautioning that “protection against the virus is a joint task and responsibility”.

Máté Kanász-Nagy, a co-leader of the party, told an online press conference on Sunday that they ask Hungarians to shop less frequently and plan their shopping routine ahead of time. People should also spend the Easter holiday in close family circles without visiting a large number of relatives, he said.

“We are in the toughest phase of the pandemic these days, with Hungary facing probably the fastest spread of the virus within the EU,” he said.

Kanász-Nagy said the government had been incapable of protecting people against the virus, “because all they can do is reign rather than govern”.

Analyses Show that Despite Closures Hungarians Did Not Stay Home
Analyses Show that Despite Closures Hungarians Did Not Stay Home

The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary has been officially going on for three weeks, and the government also announced new restrictions effective from March 8th. However, based on two different analyses, which follow the monitoring of population movement at the national level using data from mobile devices, it can be concluded that […]Continue reading

He criticised the government for introducing lockdown measures “inappropriately and at the wrong time”, as well as for its failure to introduce a 100 percent sick-pay, a full wage supplement and a nine-month unemployment benefit for Hungarian families.

featured image: Máté Kanász-Nagy- Facebook