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Coronavirus – LMP: Gov’t Abuses Its Power in Absence of Political Consenus

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.29.

Opposition LMP believes the government abuses its power if there is a lack of political consensus with regard to managing the country’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the green party’s co-leader said at an online press conference on Sunday.

Erzsébet Schmuck said LMP has proposed three modifications to a bill submitted to parliament by the government extending the state of emergency. The party wants the inclusion of a sunset clause in the bill, it believes parliamentary group leaders should be able to turn to the Constitutional Court during the state of emergency, and it wants to block provisions which it sees as an obstruction to freedom of speech, she added.

Bill on Indefinite Extension of Special Decrees Garners Distrust over Rule of Law and Freedom of Media

Schmuck said it remains to be seen how Hungary’s health-care system will cope with the impact of the coronavirus when daily cases rise in the hundreds or even reach a thousand.

Another big issue is how the Hungarian economy, which is exposed to the vehicle manufacturing sector, can remain on its feet, she said. Hungarian SMEs and Hungarian households are very vulnerable, and most families have savings to cover one or two months at most, she added.

featured image: Erzsébet Schmuck; via MTI/Márton Mónus