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Coronavirus: Jobbik Drafts 5-point Action Plan to Curb Economic Impact of Virus

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.15.

Opposition Jobbik has prepared a 5-point action plan aiming to mitigate effects of the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus epidemic, the leader of the right-wing party said on Saturday.

Jobbik proposes to the government to set up a job protection fund guaranteeing the payment of wages of people who were forced to suspend working, and help SMEs maintain workplaces, Péter Jakab told an online press conference on Facebook.

The fund should be paid for by the state and multinational companies, he said.

Jobbik also proposes introducing a moratorium on loans and household bills for employees facing financial or housing difficulties, Jakab said.

The opposition party also proposes waiving the payment of household utilities for troubled families and setting up a social fund to help them, he said.

Further, the government should set fixed prices for products that help people in preventing the spread coronavirus such as disinfectants and masks, said Jakab.

Meanwhile, party lawmaker Tamás Csányi called on the government to order full closure of Hungary’s borders banning the entry of foreign nationals and the travel of Hungarians abroad.

Featured photo by Lajos Soós/MTI