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Gyurcsány: Vaccination Mismanagement ‘Orbán Govt’s Waterloo’

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.08.

People are being prevented from receiving their coronavirus jabs due to the government’s “faffing”, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition said in a video on Sunday.

Ferenc Gyurcsány on Facebook criticised the government for “failing to manage vaccination of 74,000 people over a single weekend”, even though they had “pledged to inoculate even as many as hundreds of thousands”. He insisted that “events of the past few days amounted to the government’s Waterloo”.

Chaos and Confusion Overwhelm Hungary's Weekend Vaccination Program
Chaos and Confusion Overwhelm Hungary's Weekend Vaccination Program

Hungary’s vaccination program went into a state of chaos over the weekend due to miscommunication and a lack of organization. The government cancelled AstraZeneca vaccinations for those with chronic illnesses due to what it referred to as “synchronization problems.” Despite this, many people still showed up to their clinics and were inoculated. Some of them […]Continue reading

Gyurcsány also accused the government of failing to draw down the whole amount of the Moderna vaccine due to Hungary from European Union purchases, “allowing the French, Germans, and Danes to take it”.

“I could obviously use stronger words,” Gyurcsány said, adding that “what has happened is a shared disgrace; but we are not all to blame: Viktor Orbán’s government is to blame, though we will all pay the price”.

PMO Head: Deliveries of Moderna 'Too Sluggish'
PMO Head: Deliveries of Moderna 'Too Sluggish'

The leftist opposition’s claim that the government has not ordered sufficient quantities of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine is part of their “hate campaign” against the government, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said on Facebook on Saturday. Citing passeges from the European Commission’s agreement with the producer, Gulyás insisted that shipments of […]Continue reading

Featured photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI