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Coronavirus: Opposition Parties Propose Suspension of Tax Payment, Basic Income

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.20.

The opposition Socialists (MSZP) on Thursday called for social services to be strengthened, while LMP has proposed exempting companies from tax and contribution payments. Párbeszéd said the government should introduce a basic income as a crisis-management measure.

The Socialists‘s Lajos Korózs, who heads parliament’s welfare committee, told an online press conference that home-help services, free meals for the needy, care services in villages and help for the homeless needed extra resources. He also proposed one-off payment of 20,000 forints (EUR 60) to retirees whose pensions are worth less than 100,000 forints.

LMP lawmaker Antal Csárdi said companies should be exempted from tax and contribution payments, and any rent payable to the state or local council for company premises should be waived. In a video message sent to the press, he said personal income tax payments should also be suspended in a bracket up to the level of the average wage.

Bence Tordai of Párbeszéd told an online press conference that a basic income of monthly 100,000 forints (EUR 285) should be paid to all those in need. The 1,400 billion forints that would be required can be paid from the money available due to suspended or cancelled investment projects, and from a solidarity crisis tax, he added. The latter should be imposed on assets worth over 500 million forints and monthly salaries of over 1 million forints, he said.