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As of today, November 2nd, further tightening of restrictions have taken effect in Hungary in order to protect against the coronavirus epidemic, including wearing masks in restaurants. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán previously said “a new world is coming to Hungary,” but the measures introduced are still very slight restrictions compared to the those of neighboring countries and the total or partial lock-down introduced in more and more countries around Europe.

In addition to shops and public transport, cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, health and social care facilities, customer reception offices, outdoor events and sporting events, it was announced at the daily press conference of the operative board on Thursday that the government would extend the obligatory rule to wear a mask in hospitality and entertainment venues from Monday on. The government’s decision was reported by the Hungarian Gazette. Regarding the decision, Viktor Orbán said in his usual Friday morning radio interview that a “new world” would begin on Monday.

Coronavirus - Orbán: Hungary Could Receive First Vaccine Shipments in Late December
Coronavirus - Orbán: Hungary Could Receive First Vaccine Shipments in Late December

Hungary could receive its first shipment of the vaccine against Covid-19 in late December or early January, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday. In his regular interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Radio, Orbán said that those suffering from chronic illnesses and the elderly population most vulnerable to the virus could be vaccinated around January. […]Continue reading

The decree published on Thursday states that wearing masks is mandatory at music and dance event venues, when working in a catering business, or in a restaurant as a guest. Masks can only be removed during the period of consumption of the food and drink purchased there.

Anyone who does not wear a mask at the request of a manager or employee of the establishment, will be excluded from service. If the commercial authority becomes aware of a breach of the mandatory mask rule during an inspection or after notifying the police, they will either issue a warning first, but they can also impose a fine between HUF 100,000 and HUF 1,000,000, or temporarily close the premises for a period of at least one day and a maximum of one year.

As opposed to during the previous rules, the authorities can now fine restaurants without warning them first, and even impose the fine and the temporary closing of the restaurant together. The regulation is also supplemented by the rule that the police are designated as commercial authorities who may carry out inspections and may also apply the above legal consequences.

Coronavirus: New Record Number of Daily Fatalities Registered
Coronavirus: New Record Number of Daily Fatalities Registered

Seventy Covid-19 patients died in the past 24 hours, and registered coronavirus infections rose by 3,581 to 82,780, koronavirus.gov.hu said on Monday. The death toll rose to 1,889, while 20,476 people have made a recovery. There are 60,415 active infections, while 4,417 patients are hospitalised, 313 on ventilators. Fully 29,750people are in official home quarantine, […]Continue reading

Meanwhile, neighboring countries including Germany and France, have all introduced tougher measures. Shops were closed in Poland and the Czech Republic, and a curfew was enforced in Slovakia. In Austria, from Tuesday on, all events except professional sports (which will be held behind closed doors), will be banned. Theaters, museums, swimming pools, and gyms will be closed, and restaurants will only be able to take delivery orders. Also, a partial curfew will be introduced between 8 pm to 6 am.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI