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The Hungarian military will send “control teams” to work with the country’s strategic companies from Thursday morning on, the defence minister told public media late on Wednesday.

Tibor Benkő, who heads the government’s action group in charge of the security of such companies, also said that the military would patrol streets starting on Friday.

The minister said that the country has a few hundred companies “with an infrastructure that could involve military presence in a state of emergency”. The goal is to ensure secure operations of key companies in telecommunications, transport, and health care.

The military control teams will also include police officers and disaster management staff and will be tasked with “monitoring and coordinating” the companies’ operations as well as ensuring “physical security”, the minister said.

From Friday on, there will be “increased military presence” across the country, especially in towns and cities with military facilities, Benkő said.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI