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Coronavirus Not Present in Hungary, but Hospitals on Stand-by, says Minister

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.28.

All Hungarian hospitals are ready to treat coronavirus patients if anybody is identified as carrying the virus, the human resources minister said on Tuesday.

Suspicion has been raised in the case of two patients in Hungary so far, but coronavirus has been excluded in both cases, Miklós Kásler told a press conference.

Minister Miklós Kásler and Doctor János Szlávik. Photo by Zoltán Máthé/MTI

National medical chief officer Cecília Müller noted that whereas coronavirus virus may not be present in Hungary at the current time, the NNK and staff of regional health authorities stand ready to identify the virus quickly should it enter the country, she added.

No Reports of Hungarians Affected by Coronavirus

Speaking about cases of the virus around the world, senior doctor János Szlávik noted the death rate at around 1-2 percent of coronavirus sufferers is much lower than in the case of outbreaks of similar dangerous viruses in the past.

Featured photo illustration via pixabay.com