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Coronavirus: Modest Rise in Number of New Registered Cases, but Number of Hospital Patients Declining, says Chief medical officer

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.05.18.

The number of Covid-19 hospital patients in Hungary is declining, with only one-third of active cases now requiring hospital treatment, the chief medical officer said on Monday.

Up until now, around half of the active novel coronavirus cases had needed hospital care, Cecília Müller told an online press conference. Altogether 568 of the current 1,673 patients are in hospital, 46 of whom are on ventilators, she said.

Müller added, at the same time, that over the last couple of days there had been a modest but clear rise in the number of novel coronavirus cases. She underlined the importance of complying with the basic safety regulations now that restrictions were being lifted.

From Monday, the status of the epidemic in Budapest and the countryside is being monitored separately, the chief medical officer said. Citing epidemiological data, she said there was a 45-55 percent split between the capital and the countryside in terms of the number of active cases. Budapest accounts for 62 percent of Covid-19 fatalities and 45 percent of recoveries, she added.

Speaking at the same press conference, a spokesman for the operative board coordinating efforts against the epidemic said that the police had taken action in nearly 51,400 cases of people violating curfew regulations at the weekend, but noted that such restrictions were no longer in effect from Monday on.

Róbert Kiss said that so far 370 criminal proceedings have been launched in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, including 94 cases of spreading rumours.

Concerning border traffic, Kiss said that another crossing station, at Ártánd, was opened for Romanian guest workers returning to Western Europe, to reduce long waiting times at Nagylak.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI