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Coronavirus: 12,000 Health-care Workers in Hungary Inoculated

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.01.04.

Some 12,000 health-care employees have already received the first jab of the coronavirus vaccine, the chief medical officer said on Monday.

Cecília Müller told an online press conference of the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic that health-care workers can now get inoculated against Covid-19 at one of 25 vaccination points in the country, and encouraged all to get an appointment by using the contacts provided at koronavirus.gov.hu.

The first to get the vaccine were those working in ambulance care, ICU wards or directly with coronavirus patients, Müller said. Inoculation of health-care workers in other fields has also started, she said.

Hungary is scheduled to receive 39,000 doses of the vaccine on Tuesday, she added.

Priority List of Hungary's Vaccination Plan Revealed
Priority List of Hungary's Vaccination Plan Revealed

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István György, a state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, said over 20,000 kindergarten and school teachers have been tested for the virus on January 2-3, in 99 venues nationwide. The number of positive tests was 209, one percent of all samples taken, György said. He added that is a great improvement from the November data, when 2 percent of all tests came back positive.

Featured photo illustration by Márton Mónus/MTI