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The fourth wave of Covid-19 has started in Western Europe and will arrive in Hungary, too, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told a press conference on Saturday.

He added, however, that this wave will be different from the previous three due to the high number of people with immunity and thus it will require a “different management”. He warned, however, that those not yet inoculated “are very likely to get ill”, while only 0.2 percent of the vaccinated are likely to get sick “and with much lighter symptoms”. He also added that all vaccine types were similarly efficient.

The government is not planning on another lockdown, he said, adding that “restrictions will not be needed in education or at work either”.

Gulyás warned that people above 65 were risking their life if they rejected the shot, and said that the government would personally contact all unvaccinated elderly to encourage them to get inoculated. Hungary has nearly 8 million doses of the vaccine to provide booster shots, and “anyone volunteering will get the third shot at any inoculation point”, he added. So far, 185,000 booster shots have been administered, while “the normal routine has been reintroduced in health care”, Gulyás said.

Vaccination Paramount Before Fourth Wave Returns to Hungary in the Fall
Vaccination Paramount Before Fourth Wave Returns to Hungary in the Fall

The beginning of the school year, the return from vacations, and largescale events are all risk factors for an outbreak in the Fall.Continue reading

With 5.7 million Hungarians who have received at least the first shot, including 5.5 million fully inoculated, the country an await the fourth wave “in relative calm”.

Featured photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI