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Coronavirus: Hungary Confirmed Cases Reach 343, Another Elderly Patient Dead

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.28.

The number of people confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus in Hungary has grown to 343, with more Hungarian citizens having tested positive, and another elderly patient suffering from chronic diseases has died, the government website koronavirus.gov.hu said on Saturday.

So far, eleven people have died from the virus, the website said.

Of the 343 confirmed cases in the country, 10 are Iranian, 2 are British, one is Kazakh, another Vietnamese, and the remaining 329 are Hungarian, the website added.

The number of people confirmed as having recovered from the virus has remained unchanged from Friday at 34, it said. Altogether 87 people are in quarantine in hospital and a total of 10,303 test samples have been taken.

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The epidemic in Hungary is at the stage of group infections spread in communities, the website said. Infected people can be found everywhere in the country and anyone could be already infected, it added.

The website said the real number of infected people who can spread the virus is significantly more than the number of those already identified. In order to slow down mass infections, it is important that the elderly, students, people returning from abroad and everyone who can should stay at home, obey the regulations and recommendations and respect the new restrictions that came in force on Saturday, it added.

Featured photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI