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Eased curfew restrictions for areas of Hungary outside Budapest and surrounding Pest County, where Covid-19 infection rates are the highest, have been published in the official gazette Magyar Közlöny.

Most of the measures come into force on May 4.

With the exception of Budapest and Pest County, the decree requires people who are not in the same household to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from other people. It requires all people to wear a mouth and nose covering when shopping and using public transport.

The decree keeps in place an earlier restriction limiting shoppers at supermarkets and pharmacies to people who are 65 and over between 9am and noon.

The decree allows all businesses to open to customers.

Dine-in eating at catering establishments remains prohibited, unless the establishment seats guests in an outdoor area.

Beaches, open-air spas, open-air museums and zoos may open to visitors. The decree places responsibility for ensuring compliance with social distancing rules on the operators of businesses and other establishments.

The decree allows religious services, wedding ceremonies and funerals to take place, as long as participants comply with social distancing rules.

The decree empowers universities and colleges to decide whether students may return to campuses, but it prohibits students from visiting dormitories.

A separate decree keeps all curfew restrictions earlier applied nationwide in place for Budapest and Pest County.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI

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