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MEPs of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party have sent a letter to European Parliament President David Sassoli, complaining about a press release by the EP’s LIBE Committee stating worries over Hungary’s measures tackling the novel coronavirus epidemic.

In the press release, Fernando Lopez Aguilar, the head of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, expressed concerns about the Hungarian government’s epidemic response proposals.

Bill on Indefinite Extension of Special Decrees Garners Distrust over Rule of Law and Freedom of Media

In the letter published on the Fidesz group’s website on Wednesday, the group called it “outrageous that in midst of a deadly Coronavirus pandemics, which threatens the life of millions of Europeans, an EP committee instead of investing its time and intellectual capacities in finding ways of prevention and protection of citizens is engaging itself in a mean party political battling based on lies”.

State of Emergency: Fidesz MEP Szájer Calls for End to ‘Irresponsible Shouts of Protest from Outside’

The letter signed by Tamás Deutsch said that the MEPs fully agree that democratic values and principles must be protected, even in times of a crisis. But, it added, it was equally important to respect the principle of equal and fair treatment.

“If LIBE decides to analyse the compliance of emergency measures against EU law, they should do it in all Member States, without singling out one,” they said.

European Commission: Emergency Measures Should be Proportionate and Necessary, Freedom of Press Important

They said that the government’s bill submitted to parliament on extending the state of emergency fully respects the rule of law and serves no other purpose than to protect human lives.

The procedure followed by parliament is in full compliance with the rules that apply under Hungary’s constitution in the instance of an emergency, the MEPs said.

Council of Europe Leader to PM Orbán: Coronavirus Emergency Measures Must Respect Democratic Principles

“We find therefore LIBE’s proceeding unacceptable and irresponsible, and we expect you as President of the House to raise your voice against it,” the MEPs said in their letter.

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