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Coronavirus: Some Festivals Will Still be Held After Gov’t Bans Mass Events

Hungary Today 2020.08.07.

In the wake of the government’s decision to uphold the ban on events of more than 500 people despite the stagnating virus and the low number of active cases, only some smaller-scale festivals were able to decide on holding their events.

One of the bigger festivals is Fekete Zaj (Black Noise). “We chose the path to hold the festival, but with less capacity than before. It has been a small and family-like event so far, and now you can expect even more of that – despite the fact that this year we faced more interest than in previous years,” the organizers of the alternative-underground festival wrote in a statement. Fekete Zaj will be held August 19-22 in Sástó, in the Mátra hills and tickets will still be available on-site.

Whole Festival Season Canceled in Hungary after Gov't Extends Mass Event Restrictions
Whole Festival Season Canceled in Hungary after Gov't Extends Mass Event Restrictions

After Thursday’s announcement by the government, festivals without exception have been canceled, which puts the festival industry into a difficult situation. Negotiations about the ‘rescue package’ provided by the government could begin next week on the subsidy scheme to help the music industry. Summer 2020 festival season over before it even began The coronavirus-related restrictions […]Continue reading

The organizers of underground techno festival Katlan also chose to hold the festival. According to their statement, they originally foresaw and calculated for this scenario and made preparations accordingly. The electronic music festival will be held in the Quarry of Tárnok, near Budapest, on August 15-16. There are still some tickets available.

There could indeed be detected an increasing wave of concern and uproar in the domestic music and event organization scene after the government banned all music-related events of over 500 people despite the low number of active and serious cases, while, for example, sports events can be held without any major restrictions.

Featured photo via Fekete Zaj Festival’s Facebook page