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Pécs University Research Finds Coronavirus Can Spread Via Fecal Transmission

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.04.09.

Scientists at Hungary’s University of Pécs (PTE) have become the first in Europe to isolate the novel coronavirus from a Covid-19 patient’s fecal sample, virologist Ferenc Jakab, who heads the coronavirus medication and vaccine research group, said on Wednesday.

Though several research teams around the world have confirmed the presence of the virus in fecal matter, no European researchers have managed to isolate the virus from a sample until now, Jakab told MTI. The discovery made by the team led by Gábor Kemenesi “clearly suggests” that the virus can be spread via fecal transmission, he added.

Though the virus’s main route of transmission is still believed to be through respiratory droplets, the discovery made by the PTE team can be useful in finding ways of defending against the virus, Jakab said.

Featured photo illustration by Tamás Sóki/MTI