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Coronavirus: DK Proposes Measures for Handling Economic Fallout

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.17.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has prepared a package of proposals for measures to help companies and individuals financially affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic.

DK’s deputy chairman Csaba Molnár on Tuesday called on the government to waive employer taxes for ailing companies. Further, deadlines for tax payments as well as collection procedures should be postponed, he said in an online news conference. He also proposed suspending household utility and mortgage payments.

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Molnár insisted that the government is obliged to “fight tooth and nail” for each job and for for all small and medium-sized firms, adding that all DK’s proposals have now been put in practice in other countries.

Molnár also called for banning layoffs in sectors where activities have been restricted, and he proposed setting up a fund for covering the expenses of impacted businesses.

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As a first step, employers should be let off labour-related contribution payments in March and April, Molnár said, adding that the measure should be extended if necessary.

DK also wants VAT and business tax payments due in March and April should be postponed until at least the autumn.

Molnár said that his party’s proposals could be financed through re-allocations from a total 150 billion forints (EUR 450m) budgeted for state communications in 2020.

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