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Coronavirus: DK Wants ‘Fidesz Beneficiaries’ Excluded from Gov’t Bailouts

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.04.09.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on the government to exclude businesses “that have benefitted from its handouts in recent years” from its stimulus package aimed at offsetting the economic effects of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

DK wants companies that have received at least 5 billion forints (EUR 14m) in state or European Union funding over the past five years to be excluded from the coronavirus bailouts, Gergely Arató, the party’s deputy group leader, told an online press conference on Thursday. The ban, he said, should also apply to businesses where the beneficiaries were the “direct or indirect owners”.

Arató said: “Because the government’s stimulus package is the smallest one in Europe, it is especially important that the money shouldn’t go to Fidesz oligarchs.”

The package should benefit those who have been forced to take time off work without pay and small and medium-sized businesses “left behind by the government”, he said.

Featured photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI