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Coronavirus – DK Blames Gov’t for Health-care Workers with Virus

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.29.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) believes the government is responsible for every health-care worker infected with the novel coronavirus because they were not supplied with protective gear in time, the party’s health expert and mayor of the Újbuda district of Budapest said on Saturday.

The opposition was right when it warned that the failure to supply sufficient protective gear to health-care workers would result in problems, Imre László said in an online press conference on Facebook.

Two GPs practicing in Újbuda were recently infected with coronavirus and are now in home quarantine, he said. As a result, the Őrmező neighbourhood of the district, which has 10,000 residents, is now without a GP because the other two GPs normally serving the community had to stop practicing because of their age and state of health, he added.

László said doctors and nurses in GP surgeries have received insufficient or no protective gear and if they fall ill, health services suffer or people get infected.

Politicians Volunteer to Help Fight Coronavirus

The local council of Újbuda has already made arrangements to purchase large amounts of surgical masks and DK is asking the government to exempt imported protective gear from VAT and customs duties, he said.

featured image: Imre László- Facebook