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Coronavirus: Chief Medical Officer Reiterates Request to Elderly to Stay Indoors

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.28.

Protective measures against the novel coronavirus have been raised to a higher level with the help of curfew restrictions that entered into force on Saturday, the chief medical officer said.

The aim is to slow down the spread of the epidemic and this requires cooperation by members of the public, Cecília Müller told an online press conference of the operative board coordinating the response to the pandemic.

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She reiterated a request to the elderly population to stay indoors because they can be best protected if they do not meet others. She said that the 9am-12am time period designated for them to do their shopping should be considered a “last resort”, only if they have nobody to assist them. The elderly should primarily receive help from their family and, if necessary, from local councils, she added.

She said that even people working from home should observe hygiene recommendations, such as frequently washing hands, keeping rooms clean and disinfecting everyday objects regularly, especially their computer keyboards.

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In response to a question about tests, she said there were various different tests in use and Hungary was using laboratory tests which she described as the most reliable. She added that many “promising” developments were under way.

She acknowledged, with empathy, that some cancer patients were not receiving treatment, but said life-saving intervention needed to be taken to prevent damages that could not be reversed.

She said some healthcare workers had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Feautured photo by Noémi Bruzák/MTI