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Coronavirus – Chief Medical Officer: Number of Hospital Patients with Virus Growing

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.04.25.

The number of people being treated in hospital for Covid-19 is growing, the chief medical officer said on Saturday.

One of the 12 patients who died in the past day was 41 years old, Cecília Müller said in an online press conference of the operative board in charge of measures pertaining to the novel coronavirus epidemic. The patient had a bacterial infection as an underlying condition, she added.

The number of registered infections have increased to 2,443, and hospitals are treating 899 people, with 54 on ventilators. Fully, 458 people have made a recovery.

Coronavirus: 12 New Fatalities, Number of Registered Cases Rises to 2,443

She said more lab tests are being done in combination with more extensive contact tracing, and 60,801 tests have now been carried out.

Commenting on a World Health Organisation (WHO) report indicating that Hungary may be among those countries to avoid a massive rise in infections, Müller said government measures and public discipline had been factors in taming the epidemic so far, and she trusted that the virus would not become overwhelming.

The disinfection of nursing homes is taking place with a priority given to places where an infected person has been registered.

Coronavirus: Army Starts Disinfecting Hundreds of Elderly Care Homes

Epidemiological investigations of nursing homes are also ongoing, with places housing over one hundred people given priority, followed by homes with fewer residents. The results will be published at the end of next week, she added.

Müller said the mortality rate of those infected had been estimated in proportion to the population, and Hungary falls into the lowest third of European Union member states.

Meanwhile, the chief medical officer said protective equipment the government has procured won’t be sold commercially but is being distributed to those who need it the most: health staff, social workers and law-enforcement officers.

Featured photo by Gergely Botár/kormany.hu/MTI

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