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Coronavirus – Chief Medical Officer: Epidemic ‘Clearly Subsiding’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.02.

The coronavirus epidemic is “clearly subsiding” in Hungary, with a downward curve for the 10th consecutive day, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller told a press conference of the operative board on Tuesday.

An analysis of the data showed that the curve of the epidemic was gradually rising after the first few reported cases on March 4 and peaked on the 15th week with 712 infections, she said. Since the 16th week, it has been decreasing, she added.

Müller said the first death was reported on the 11th week and the highest number of deaths, at 91, was reported on the 16th week.

Speaking at the same press conference, head of the operative board Tibor Lakatos said it was important in the current phase of the epidemic that members of the public still demonstrate a willingness to obey the regulations. Experience from the weekend was positive and police had to take action in very few cases, he added.

A total of 1,979 people have registered so far for the electronic home quarantine control system which has 852 users. Over the past 24 hours, 53 violations of the quarantine regulations have been reported, he added.

featured image: Lakatos (l) and Müller (m); via MTI/